PTTEP Myanmar Asset CSR Projects

PTTEP Myanmar Asset Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects


PTTTEP Myanmar Asset is committed to operate in a socially responsible manner. Since late 2008, we have initiated and implemented a variety of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs which focused on 4 theme as follow:


  1.     Basic Needs: To implement projects which serve the basic needs of stakeholders such as  Parasite Free School, Mobile Health Check, Infrastructure Development, Waste to Energy and Community Support & Emergency Relief.
  2.     Education: To implement projects which provide support to underprivileged students to pursue their study or to develop skill of workforce to serve business and industry such as Higher Education Assistance for Development Scholarship (HEAD) Project, High Vocational Diploma (HVD) Scholarship and Technical Capability Building and Development.
  3.     Environment: To implement projects which conserve and protect natural resources for future generation such as PTTEP Myanmar Asset Green Up Project.
  4.     Culture: To conduct manstery support such as Kathina Robe Offering ceremony, Financial Contribution for maintenance & construction of religious building as well as distribution of Dhamma School Books for Dhamma School to promote good culture and preserving valuable tradition.